Why take an educational Boat Trip?
Below are a few areas where a boat trip can help you cover curriculum topics

Key Stage 1
Knowledge and Understanding of events
Why transport was important, why canals were built, how they were built, how they changed peoples lives and how canal folk, inculding how the children lived.

Historical inquiry.
Books on display show sources or information. We encourage questions to be asked.

Key Stage 2
Chronological understanding. Knowledge and understanding of events.

Why this canal was late in being built, why the canal was finally built and what events affected the canals. What modifications were made to the canal, in what order and why.

Historical interpretation
Traces of the past that can be seen today.

Historical inquiry
Books are displayed showing sources of information. We encourage questions to be asked.

Local History
How transport inparticular helped shape how Sheffield developed.

Victorian Britain
The impact of canal transport on various sections of the population. HOw families lived on boats. How living on boats affected the health of canal folk and the education of children. How railways affected the canals and how they co-existed.

Other topics that can be studied.
Bridges, locks, structures, regeneration, wildlife, conservation, canal art.

If you need any futher information please contact us. A very useful web site aimed at schools is developed by British Waterways, for the use of both teacher and students.