We are a recognised Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Teaching Centre. 

The course is suitable for both the novice and experienced boater. It has been developed by the RYA to cover boating on the Inland waterways along with a course handbook, which is given to each student as part of the course, providing a reference for future boating. The level of teaching on the course takes in to consideration your experience. It is a practical 'hands on' course with theory backed up by the course handbook, an opportunity to learn new skills, while having a fun day out. An excellent present for someone who has always wanted to ‘have a go’ on the canals.

Courses can be run on our 60foot narrow boat or your own boat.

Our 60’ traditional narrow boat ‘Tiny Purple’ is generally based in Sheffield.  During the summer other locations may be available.  Alternatively the course can be delivered on your own boat.


Dependent upon your needs and experience the course can be structured to run over one or two days.  Two day courses are run consecutively and are non-residential (a choice of accommodation is available close by if required).

Courses are delivered throughout the year as required. We do not run set courses but arrange training days to suit the need of our students/customers.


Start 9.00am finish 5.00pm, again these are flexible to meet your needs and if there is more than one person on a course we find this may over-run to ensure that the most is made of the days training.

Number of students

Maximum is 3, we do not group 'unknown to each other' individuals together, being happy to run courses for just 1 person.

Course content:

  • Deck Work

  • Helmsmanship

  • Boat Handling

  • Personal Safety

  • Boat Safety

  • Engines

  • Locks

  • Bridges

  • Tunnels

  • Collision Avoidance

  • Care of Environment

A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of a course which can be used towards the International Certificate of Competence.

Prices 2017

(our normal booking conditions & terms apply)

Our boat.

(Includes tuition on our boat, course handbook and a light lunch and refreshments)

Approximately 8 hr course

One day

Total cost depending how many on course

1 person - £280

2 people - £350

3 people - £420

Two day

1 person - £470

2 people - £590

3 people - £680

Plus, if on your boat, travelling expenses dependent on your location. 

Note:  Courses run on your Boat

If we run a course on your boat it must be licensed with the appropriate water authority, covered by insurance and complies with the appropriate safety requirements. You remain in control of your vessel at all times, and our instructors are not responsible for any damage to your vessel etc whilst they are aboard. You will provide the appropriate equipment for the day, e.g. lock handles if going through locks,

We provide the tuition and course handbook

C.E.V.N.I. Tests

European regulation test is multiple choice test, pass level of 11 from 14

Combined with helmsman’s course qualifies for ICC

Cost £70

International Certificate of Competence

Boat handling test, Oral test on rules & conditions of navigation and C.E.V.N.I. test for International driving licence.

Cost £250

Booking and more information.

To book a course or for more information please ring our office.

Office Telephone number 0114 278 6314