Hen nights

Hen nights.

The boat cruise is a great way of doing something different for the evening, our full boat charters start at 20 the max is 70.

We find that it is a venue all the family and friends can enjoy from younger sisters to mums and grandmas.  After you have finished on the boat quite often the more energetic members of the party head in to town.

Some Hens start the afternoon off on the boat and combined it with an alternative evening activity.

Most Hens choose either the pie and pea disco of buffet disco option.  These options work well with both same and mixed age groups. Our friendly professional DJ's work with the party to ensure that everyone tastes and music era are cater for from the hen and her friends to mum and grandma.


Below are a few of our many options - you can choose any from the 'Full Boat Charter' section


Engineer’s Pie & Pea Supper cruise: £23.50/person (child £18.50).

3 hr cruise - maximum 48 sat down (72 buffet style) -

Meat pie and mushy peas, Vegetarian option available 


Chief Engineer’s Pie & Pea Supper  & Dessert cruise: £27.50/person (child £22.50).

3 hr cruise - maximum 48 sat down (72 buffet style)-

Pie & Pea with desert. Vegetarian option available

Dessert—choice must be ordered in advance from, apple pie, chocolate cake, lemon meringue, or carrot cake. 


Boatman’s Choice Buffet cruise: £28.50/person (child £23.50).

3 hr cruise.

Menu - selection of sandwiches (egg, tuna, meat), pizza, sausage rolls, vegetarian rolls, chicken wings, hot potato bits, Indian selection, selection of savoury & fruit sticks,crisps and nuts. Selection of desserts, after meal tea or coffee. (items may vary depending on availability). Items may be changed on request. 


Boat cruise only: £17.00/person (child £15.00).

3 hr cruise - (£200 damage deposit see section above) 



DISCO CRUISES - cruise with DJ and Disco 


Engineer’s Disco cruise: £34.00/person (child £29.00).

4 hr cruise - maximum 65 (served buffet style)

Disco with Engineer’s pie & pea supper. 


Boatman's Buffet Disco cruise: £40.00/person (child £35.00).

4 hr cruise - maximum 65.

Disco with Boatman’s choice buffet. 


Basic Boat Disco cruise: £29.00/person (child £27.00).

4 hr cruise - maximum 65 - (£200 damage deposit)





hen night aboard LB Hardfeet Fancy Dress Hen Party