Santa Cruises  2020

Bookings now being made.

Cruise and meet Father Christmas

December 2020

Price £15.50  Children & Adults

Santa giving presents   LB Hardfeet  Santa Cruises LB Hardfeet

Father Christmas aboard LB Hardfeet   Santa Cruise LB Hardfeet  Mince Pies 

1 hour cruise.

Present for Children suitable for age.

Mince pie and a glass of warm mulled wine or tea/coffee for adults.

Squash and biscuit for children.


  Sun 06th                                     2.30pm, 4pm

Sat 12th                                 2.30pm, 4pm         

Sun 13th          11.30am, 1pm, 2.30pm, 4pm

 Sat 19th          11.30am, 1pm,  2.30pm, 4pm   

Sun 20th           11.30am, 1pm, 2.30pm, 4pm


Advance reservations required.

Tel: 0114 278 6314

When booking we need the full name, age and gender of the children.

 Payment for cruise is payable in full 7 days after booking is made, or if cruise is soon immediately.

Once we have confirmed you place refunds will NOT be made. You may change your cruise date and time up to 2 weeks before the cruise if there is availability. Please read our terms and conditions.

General information

Other beverages are available from the bar, pay on the day.

Children under 15 months may go free if no present is required, all other children are payable for and a present will be given.

Arrival and Boarding

There is no need to arrive extra early, boarding is from approximately 10 minutes before the cruise start.

Each party will be allocated a table, as you board we will tell you the table number.

Full Boat Charter

Large groups or social groups over 40 people (advise approx max 56) may take a full boat charter.

Other times are available for full boat charters on request Tel: 0114 2786314

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